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The Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit, U FSE, is the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) initiative in 2015 to represent the growing pool of freelancers and self-employed persons (SEPs) in Singapore and works towards strengthening their Wage, Welfare and Work Prospects. NTUC U FSE works closely with stakeholders such as relevant government agencies, SEP community groups, platform intermediaries, corporate service buyers and business solutions providers to strengthen strengthen the income security, skills mastery, occupational safety and health, and collective interests of this group of working people. 

To support freelancing as a viable career option, NTUC, through U FSE, will provide SEPs with relevant resources and networking opportunities to enhance their career pathways. Those who are part of the community will also enjoy access to NTUC benefits and privileges such as access to seminars, training grants and insurance. 
Join Singapore’s largest supportive membership of freelancers and self-employed persons. Together, we can be a Bigger Voice to champion for sustainable livelihoods and viable careers for FSEs. #EveryWorkerMatters 
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U FSE & Our Associations

Uniting individuals from various SEPs professions for Collective Voice and Representation:

  • For taxi drivers: National Taxi Association – www.nta.org.sg
  • For private hire drivers providing point-to-point services including traditional private limousines, ride-sharing applications and other chauffeured service: National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA) - www.nphva.org.sg
  • For coaches and instructors in the field of sports and outdoor learning, fitness and wellness, visual and performing arts, and, enrichment: National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA) - www.nica.org.sg
  • For freelance creative professionals: Visual, Audio, Creative Content Professionals Association (Singapore) (VICPA) - www.vicpa.org.sg
  • For freelancers whose main source of income are from food delivery or package delivery: National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA) - www.facebook.com/ndcasingapore

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