NTUC Care Fund                    (Work Injury Relief)

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Apply for NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief) to receive $250 NTUC FairPrice vouchers if you were injured while performing freelance point-to-point transport or food/parcel delivery job.


(At a Glance)

1. Minimum 3-month NDCA/NPHVA/NTA membership
2. Proof of work
3. Proof of injury
4. Minimum 5 continuous days of Medical Leave/ Hospitalisation Leave

Steps to Apply Documents:

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • FAQs
  • Application Form

Access information on the Eligibility Criteria, FAQs and download the Application Form:

1. For Private Hire / Limousine / Combi-Bus Driver- NPHVA

2. For Taxi Drivers- NTA 
3. For Food / Parcel Delivery Workers- NDCA



Submit application form with all documents and email to:

1. For Private Hire / Limousine / Combi-Bus Driver- NPHVA: nphva@ntuc.org.sg
2. For Taxi Drivers- NTA: nta@ntuc.org.sg
3. For Food / Parcel Delivery Workers- NDCA: ndca@ntuc.org.sg

Any further queries, please email and check with your association.

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NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief) Background and Objective



Beneficiaries of NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief)

Since the launch of the Work Injury Relief scheme on 15 January, 2024, we have received numerous applications from our platform worker members. Many of them have already received the $250 NTUC FairPrice vouchers within three working days. Here are some testimonials from beneficiaries who have shared their positive experiences and expressed their appreciation.


National Delivery Champions Association

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NDCA member, Mr Tony Huang shared, "I am really grateful to NDCA for granting me WIRS. I am surprised that NDCA had diligently followed up on my application. Both STAR and WIRS are very good schemes and definitely benefit many other members alike. Same safety tips from me... It is important to wear protective gear at all times."


Tony is currently doing GrabFood delivery using a bicycle. He rode and fell while delivering orders on a rainy day.





ndca beneficiaries - may.jpg


NDCA member, Ms May Yap shared, “I urge fellow delivery partners to sign up for NDCA membership. I have benefited from the 4% rebates on groceries at NTUC FairPrice, complimentary NTUC Group Term Life Insurance, and now the WIRS. Life is unpredictable. You never know, your wise decision today may help you the very next moment. On a rainy day, ride slow, steady, and safe.” 


May Yap has been a loyal NTUC member for many years. She and her husband both do Grab food delivery using e-bikes. disbursement of the $250 FairPrice vouchers from NDCA was prompt, and the benevolent gesture would tide her over while recuperating. 


National Taxi Association

NTA - Mr Ng.jpg


NTA member, Mr Ng Weng Cheong shared, “I am grateful for the assistance rendered by NTA. I am still unable to work and taking more time to recuperate and rest. This really helped to defray some expenses on daily necessities.” 


Mr Ng’s vehicle was hit in the rear by a van, and he suffered from neck and back pain.



NTA - Mr Low.png


NTA member, Mr Low Tze Siong shared, "Thank you for having this scheme as at least I can cover some expenses for the new year." 


Mr Low shared that the accident was caused by a private vehicle had left him with neck and back injury and vehicle was in the workshop for 14 days.


National Private Hire Association


NPHVA - Mr Tang.jpg



NPHVA member, Mr Tang was walking to deliver food items to a customer when he slipped and fell, resulting in left arm fracture. Mr Tang is grateful that the $250 FairPrice voucher came in timely to support his loss of  income and grocery shopping for Chinese New Year.


Mr Tang recognized the importance of having immediate financial support as the job nature of a delivery rider also exposed them to a higher risk of workplace injury. He will also encourage his group of delivery riders to sign up for the membership

NPHVA - Mr Augustine.jpg



NPHVA member, Mr Augustine inflicted the injury when a taxi collided into his vehicle from behind. Member had suffered whiplash, shoulder, low back pain. He had tried to tolerate the pain but after a few days, he had little choice but to consult the doctor. Hence the 2-week timeframe given for member to submit the relevant MCs upon sustaining the work injury was useful. 

Augustine is thankful to NPHVA for disbursing these vouchers which is useful to alleviate the daily cost pressures. 





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