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Here at NTUC U FSE, we champion fair trade practices for Freelancers & Self-Employed (FSE) professionals, and businesses. Framed by the Tripartite Standard on Contracting with Self-Employed Persons, this standard mandates clear contracts, promotes honest work, and guides everyone in understanding their rights, ensuring smooth operations and fewer disputes.

Additionally, we are here to provide guidance, such as the Professional Code of Ethics, which ensures that certain groups of FSEs like creatives, uphold professionalism, manage business practices responsibly, and commit to continuous improvement, including adopting formal contract agreements in their specific area of work.

Key pillars of fair practices



Clear communication and honest disclosure


Equal opportunities and fair compensation for all


Safeguarding welfare and offering resolution
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Key Terms Of Engagement For Self-Employed Persons (SEPs)

Manage working relationships with mutual understanding through this agreement
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Getting the Fundamentals right

Provides legal services such as employment and contract-related issues
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