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ESU's experience - ESU15 events with U FSE

Learn how we provided FSE talent for ESU amid COVID-19.
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By U FSE 13 Dec 2023
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As part of ESU’s 15th Anniversary in 2021, we were looking to engage as many of our members as possible to celebrate with us, even though it was still in the midst of COVID-19. Our tagline then was “Stronger Together”, and due to the ongoing restrictions back then, most of our celebrations either took place virtually or at own-time-own-target. There was a Virtual Challenge, followed by virtual exercises for our members.

Project details

Virtual workouts were gaining popularity during the COVID-19 period, and we had been receiving requests for virtual Yoga sessions from our members, after a successful virtual Zumba session that was done as part of our ESU15 celebrations. Aromatherapy was also another key interest that members had raised, as they wanted to learn different ways to relax and unwind using natural and holistic methods to promote health and well-being.

Knowing that U FSE has members who are trained professionals in these fields, ESU reached out to U FSE to seek our assistance, connecting with members who are able to help provide such a service.


Selection criteria

Through U FSE, ESU managed to shortlist Fiona, a Yoga instructor, and Jon, who was knowledgeable in aromatherapy and stress management, as they had the skills ESU was looking for, and they were able to conduct the classes via Zoom for ESU’s members.




Anticipated challenges

Initially a bit concerned that there would be a lower take-up rate for aromatherapy, with members contacting ESU to inquire how the session would be conducted virtually as they had expected to be able to smell different essential oils. However, the eventual turn-up rate was higher than expected. To manage this, Jon had patiently shared with members where they could get quality essential oils, and also different scents that they could get that were targeted at different uses e.g. relieving stress, muscle tension, etc. Many gave feedback that they appreciated the session and found the session to be very enlightening.


Collaborative dynamics

Thanks to U FSE, we managed to connect with these two very professional and knowledgable FSE professionals. Working with both Fiona and Jon was very smooth-sailing, and they were very accommodating and patient with the questions that were asked during both sessions.

Outcome and benefits

ESU’s focus was to reach out to as many members as possible, and to allow them to be able to learn something new, be it in Yoga or ways that they can use aromatherapy to relieve stress (which was something that had been highlighted as people were increasingly feeling stressed from working at home). ESU did not expect the sign-up rate to be so high for the virtual Yoga classes, reaching 100+ participants who took the time out to participate during their lunch breaks.

Majority of the participants enjoyed the sessions that were conducted over Zoom, especially for the virtual yoga session, which some had requested for more of such sessions so that they could exercise and keep fit during their lunch breaks.

ESU then engaged Fiona again to do a virtual Yoga Fundamentals I & II class for the members, where members had to pay a nominal fee.



Both Fiona and Jon were very understanding and accommodating, and were very clear in their sharing with the members. Information was also presented in a very concise manner and they were very patient with the questions that members had asked during the sessions.

Future prospects

Depending on the needs of the members, there are considerations to conduct different workshops so that a wider group of members can be reached out to.

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