Our code of ethics


The Professional Code of Ethics is modelled after the Tripartite Standard on Contracting with Self-Employed Persons.


NTUC freelancer directory upholds fair practices and the Professional Code of Ethics. The Code covers three core pillars:

  1. Demonstrate professionalism;
  2. Responsibility as practitioner; and
  3. Commit to progressive practices, and guides our Directory operations.


We encourage all Directory users – freelance professionals and businesses engaging freelancer expertise – to take reference from the Tripartite Standard on Contracting with Self-Employed Persons and the Professional Code of Ethics when engaging in business relations. Please scroll down to run through what the Code entails.


Key pillars


Demonstrate professionalism

Uphold professionalism through clear communication, responsible work ethics, and adherence to regulations.

Responsibility as practitioner

Ensure trust and credibility through responsible business practices, risk protection, and fair professional conduct.

Commit to progressive practices

Advance trade practices for enhanced career and industry sustainability through formal contracts and progressive terms.

Demonstrate Professionalism

Example: Demonstrate clear understanding of scope and technicalities of work; provide expert advice and exercise sound judgement on deliverables; manage expectations of clients in upfront and transparent manner.

Example: Be prompt in the completion of work deliverables and ensuring that quality of work delivered meets professional standards.

Example: Observe and respect regulations and carry out service in accordance with regulations; abide by Singapore Copyright Act, etc.

Responsibility as Practitioner

Example: Proper business tax filing, bookkeeping, etc.

Example: Professional indemnity and equipment coverage.

Example: Personal Accident insurance, Prolonged Medical Leave insurance.

Example: Do not engage in conduct that compromises industry practice and rates; Fair payment terms and milestones when working with fellow SEPs, etc.

Commit to Progressive Practices

Example: Move away from informal written and verbal agreements (e.g., email and WhatsApp exchanges) towards formal contract agreements. Emails and WhatsApp should serve as a tool to facilitate contract signing, and not as agreement platforms.

Being progressive refers to the trait of being forward looking and acting in the best interest of the industry.
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