Platform workers

Our Commitment to Platform Workers

U FSE and our associations (NTA, NPHVA, NDCA) are committed to:

  1. listening and looking out for your life and livelihood challenges
  2. championing your right to fair practices and safe workplace
  3. working with stakeholders to uplift your livelihood

We strive to secure for Platform Worker-members:

  1. Respect for your rights
  2. Fair treatment at work
  3. Fair fare/ fee for the effort
  4. Consideration for challenging work
  5. Support to deal with life's uncertainties


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Summary of Recommendations:

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Click here for more information:  PW Representation_FAQs (12 July 2023).pdf



They are familiar faces who ferry us to our destinations and bring to us essentials at our convenience. Whether you are a taxi driver, private-hire car driver, or delivery walker/ rider/ driver getting work through a platform, NTUC has made it our priority to represent your interests as a Platform Worker and uplift your Wage, Welfare, and Work prospects. Here's how.

Since 2010 when we established the National Taxi Association to represent all taxi drivers, we've set up similar associations for private-hire car drivers in 2016 and freelance/ self-employed delivery persons in 2021. Today, we have members from these associations: National Taxi Association (NTA), National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA), and National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA). Our track record assures members that we look out for them and stand up for their interests.


When platform services caught on in Singapore after 2015, starting with passenger transportation and then delivery, NTUC and our associations were proactive in engaging the lead government agencies and platform operators on platform workers' concerns and issues. We also rallied stakeholders to care for our platform workers when many were hard-hit by the Covid-19 measures.


Issues ranged from sudden termination/ suspension of account, unclear fare and incentive structures, job allocation concerns, etc. We championed for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to provide pre-mediation service to platform driver-members whose accounts were terminated or suspended without just cause. We also assisted members to resolve their cases with platform operators, approaching cases with a balanced and fair approach.


Together with LTA and ride-hail platform operators, we initiated the first-ever tripartite committee for point-to-point transportation. NTUC and our associations ensure that P2P drivers' wages, welfare, and work prospects are considered in sector developments. We also advocate for delivery persons' safety and welfare at work; since 2020, we've collaborated with workplace safety council, LTA, URA, Singapore Kindness Movement, platform operators and more to prioritise delivery persons' safety and welfare.

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Today, we've established cooperative working relationships with the relevant government agencies and most major platform operators. This has culminated with the Government convening a Tripartite Advisory Committee in 2021 to develop recommendations for support of platform workers, and the Tripartite Workgroup on Representation for platform workers that followed in 2022. NTUC and our affiliated associations play leading roles in these initiatives and ensure that platform workers' interests are looked into.

As we await upcoming legislative changes to enable representation and better protection for platform workers, NTUC and our associations invite all platform workers to join us as a member if you are not one yet.
While protection matters, we recognise that members' needs go beyond protection. Our associations organise Activities, Benefits, and Care schemes (ABCs) that cater to their members' specific needs. For instance, NPHVA members appreciate the savings from members-only car wash deals while NDCA members find it useful that they can tap on NDCA's short-term accident relief (STAR) should they injure themselves at work. Importantly, members stressed by cost-of-living challenges or in severe hardship situation know that they can seek out our different care schemes to lend them help. 
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Members are also entitled to NTUC's core benefits of free death and/or permanent total disability insurance coverage of up to $40,000, linkpoints, training grant of up to $500 a year, and savings on essentials through Fairprice, Kopitiam, and other NTUC Social Enterprises. Our membership fee is standardised at $117 a year, and works out to $9 a month from Jan-Nov and $18 in Dec or $0.32 a day.

We want to Grow our membership to be able to Do More for platform workers. A bigger membership represents a stronger voice. 


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Unity is strength. United in effort, we are pushing ahead and marking a new chapter of protection and rights for working people in Singapore's fast-developing platform sector. Join us today to be part of a Bigger and Stronger Voice that Champions for Platform Workers.

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