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Whether you are a creative, coach, or taxi driver,

a delivery agent, real estate agent, or commission agent;

or private hire vehicle driver, micro-retailer, corporate trainer, or performer,


Freelancers, we are here to help.


From 1 April 2024, freelancers can get guidance

on freelancer-relevant schemes and programmes with ease & zero cost.


Government schemes

Government-paid leave schemes for freelancers with young children

Vocational licensing e.g., for taxi and private hire drivers

National registries for sports coaches, exercise instructors


NTUC programmes

Care and Share


Work Prospects

Freelancer Directory


U FSE programmes, supported by NLB

Freelancer Fundamentals (4 modules)

Personal Finance

Personal Health

Industry Conversations

1-1 Coaching^ on Freelancing Career

^no financial advice or specific business advice


Scroll down for more information.


Get Guidance here:


Option 1: Physical Helpdesk @ U FSE Centre

Option 2: Virtual Helpdesk

Scheduled Thursdays every month*


10 AM – 12 PM ; 1 PM – 3 PM


July: 18th (Closed), 25th


National Library Building

Level 7, LAUNCH Zone

100 Victoria Street Singapore, 188064


*Closed on public holidays.


Check back here for updated schedule before coming by.






Schemes and Programmes for freelancers at U FSE Centre @ National Library




Business Skills Strengthening

  1. How to apply for:

  • Vocational license renewal (taxi, PHV)

  • Government-paid family leave schemes

  • National registries for coaches, exercise professionals

  • Others – please ask.


    1. Support for FSEs:

  • Care schemes

  • NTUC membership

  • NTUC’s Freelancer Directory

  1. Personal Finance

    Know how to build sustainable business and have income security.

    (A collaboration with Institute for Financial Literacy)

  2. Personal Health

    Tap workshops on holistic wellness, managing stress, and caregiving support – catered for freelancers.

    (A collaboration with Health Promotion Board)

  3. Industry Conversations

Covering topics that impact you in your own industry, such as safety, fair practices, ethics, artificial intelligence, and more!

  1. Business skills workshops
    Learn from seasoned freelancers with proven track record on how to build a sustainable freelancing career. Topics covered:

  • Business fundamentals

  • Pricing Right

  • Branding & Reputation management


    1. 1-to-1 coaching by seasoned freelancers

Present your problem statement on starting out as a freelancer^.

^ We do not provide:

  • Financial advice

  • Specific industry advice


Hear from our freelancers, detailing how the workshop has enriched their careers and empowered their freelancing journeys.


Alvin is a martial arts instructor specialising in the Thai weapon-based martial arts known as "Krabi-Krabong"

                                     Lee Soon Chai-IMG_3064.jpeg

“Completed all 4 parts today (4 June 2024). For those of you yet to attend these parts, please do. Worth your while listening to various experiences and to support the UFSE ecosystem as a member 👍👍👍"



Upcoming Workshops



Registration Link

25 July 2024

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Fundamentals for freelancer series:

Starting right for freelancers


1 August 2024

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Fundamentals for freelancer series:

Set up and Contracting



 *Information updated as of 17 July 2024.


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Stay in touch at www.facebook.com/ntucufse


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